The world is changing as we know it. With the development of new technologies, comes along the changes of man’s (as in humans) preference. And nowadays, feminine hygiene is associated with hairlessness. This means removal of unwanted hairs that covers the genital area. The female genitalia is then subjected to judgment by the owner’s chosen partner, based on the established standards for a “beautiful vagina”.

With all due respect, there is a number of woman, who, sad to say, possess a “not-so-good-looking” genitalia. The imperfection in the shape, size, and symmetry of the inner and outer lips or labia may either be a result of trauma like in childbirth or merely due to aging. And men tend to be more visual, and what he sees is the biggest factor that causes his arousal.  Such imperfection may affect the couple’s relationship especially during intimate situations. The woman may lose some confidence with her body which likely makes her feel discomfort of her partner seeing it. The man may lose some sexual desire for his partner. The couple may lose intimacy with each other, which likely results to acts of infidelity by either of them, or both.

“…may be essential in maintaining a marital relationship”

Reconstruction of the labial tissues may be essential in maintaining a marital relationship, preserving or enhancing the couple’s intimacy with each other. The procedure, called labiaplasty, is safe and usually done together with another reconstruction surgery called vaginoplasty. It aims to preserve a woman’s confidence with her body, along with the feeling of assurance that her partner’s attraction to her is maintained. With a tucked-in, youthful looking genitalia, the couple may enjoy a healthy (and sexy) married life while indulging in the pleasures of being parents. For best results, have the procedure performed by an experienced and duly licensed cosmetic surgeon.     

What to Consider Before Having Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

You are, let’s say, a month away from having that one procedure to achieve the bust size you’ve been dreaming of. However, there are things to consider prior to your breast augmentation’s schedule to ensure that you can have a speedy and uninterrupted recovery.

breast augmentation

1. Stock up on necessities like food and water. It may look like you’re preparing for an  impending calamity, but you really have to buy enough supply for the entire time of your “recovery mode”. This is to minimize the need to go out, drive, and shop for whatever you might need after the surgery. Driving and other physical activities may force your chest muscles to do some work, which is very painful as your chest are adjusting to the changes and are healing (your stitches might break open). So unless you have someone to run you some errands, you should consider filling up your storage.

 2. Have some days off from babysitting. If you happen to be a “hands-on” mother or just having some kids to take care of, you should look for someone who’ll take care of them for the time being. You can ask your family members or hire somebody to take over your job for the time being, while you’re still healing up after the surgery. You don’t want a toy flying towards your swollen breasts or have a kid accidentally bumping to it.

 3. Eat lots of healthy stuffs. Breast augmentation is an invasive procedure, and your body must be as healthy as possible to have a faster recovery and wound healing. You should stock your body up with essential nutrients by eating healthy foods accompanied by a proper sleeping schedule. This will aid in faster recovery and lessens the chance of developing complications after the breast augmentation.

 4. Take a break from smoking or drinking. It is best to stop (esp. in smoking), but we know that each of these is what we call “a hard habit to break”. So at least avoid it as much as you can in preparation for the surgery, and continue it after, during your recovery period.

5. Consult your surgeon first. A certified cosmetic surgeon will thoroughly conduct medical examinations to assess your body’s “readiness” for the surgery. And it is best to ask for his or her expert advice to help you prepare.

 6. Have a “personal assistant”. Right after the breast augmentation procedure, you can no longer do most of the physical activities that you normally do. You can have your husband, a family member, or a friend to accompany and assist you until you recover from the surgery.

 7. Consider having a temporary leave from your job. Breast augmentation is and invasive procedure. Expect to be unfit to work for a while. Working at such condition will only strain your body, especially around your chest area where the surgery is done, so just refrain from work while your body is healing up.

Reasons to Visit Your Gynecologist Regularly

The doctors of gynecology

We all have the duty to take care of ourselves. To do that, we should entrust our health to someone who can provide the state-of-the-art health care practices. We let the expert pediatricians take care of our children. We also let the physicians take care of us adults. But when it comes to women’s health, are services of physicians enough?

gynecologistWomen possess a very complex and delicate physique, proof of that is today’s presence of the specialization in obstetrics/gynecology, and we have medical experts, called obstetricians/gynecologists, who are dedicated to providing the needed health care for women. They are the ones who understand a woman’s body the most, and with that, they are the only ones who can give the correct and most accurate diagnosis and treatment to diseases that can only occur to women, especially in their reproductive health.

“Only an ob/gyn…”

Only an ob/gyn is knowledgeable enough to deal with and provide solutions with women’s complaints of discomfort that comes along with her bodily occurrences like her menstruation cycle, the risks and the need of medical attention during pregnancy, and the downside of menopause – the effects of the decrease in hormones and other related diseases linked to it. They’re the most updated ones when it comes to new breakthroughs in the field, offering new and innovative procedures that aids in the prevention of certain dreaded diseases inherent to women, like the killer “cervical cancer”.

With their expert knowledge about women’s health, doctors can offer early detection of potentially life-threatening ailments. And by monitoring their female patients’ health especially during their vulnerable times during pregnancy, doctors can help maintain both the mother and the child’s health and ensure a healthy and successful pregnancy. And with the early diagnosis and early administration of the most suitable treatment, not only the mother’s but also the child’s life can be saved, with the low to no risk of medical complications. 

Restoration of a Broken Flower

Is vaginal rejuvenation 
really necessary?


Women are fond of maintaining a good looking hair, skin, face, and… vagina? It may sound bizarre, but more and more women are becoming conscious about the appearance of their genitalia. Due to today’s trend of having forms of premarital sex, many are subjected to having more than one partner. Others have found a means for a living in having sex, along with the growing industry of pornography. Frankly speaking, sex has become more casual than it was before.

vaginal rejuvenationBeing sexually active with either one or multiple partners, or becoming a “porn star” would require a good-looking physique especially in the genital part. Women who have chosen to be involved in pornographic projects or just plainly want to leave a good impression to their partner would find it necessary to seek professional help from a surgeon to have a vaginal rejuvenation to correct deformities and physical damages in an attempt to restore it to its “virgin” state. Women do this mainly for the purpose of appealing their current partner/partners or the viewers. And having a “beautiful flower” would help them have a better chance of satisfying their mate or landing on a high-paying project and earning customers’ patronage over their starred adult videos. Their “flower” serves as their asset and thus beautifying it is an investment.

“…best done by an expert plastic surgeon.”

Like any other forms of plastic surgery, vaginal rejuvenation, or clinically “vaginoplasty”, is best done by an expert plastic surgeon. Success of the operation depends mainly on the knowledge and skills of the person doing the surgery, and failure would mean an irreversible deformity of the genitalia. A highly delicate procedure that involves manipulation of female “private parts” like vaginal rejuvenation must be done by medical doctors who are professional and are known to give patients an at-most respect throughout the procedure and won’t do anything beyond the limitations of patient-doctor relationship (good bedside manner).             

The gods of Aesthetics: Man-made Beauty

plastic surgery

The Value of Plastic Surgery

Physical beauty – it is something that simply cannot be ignored. It’s something that, when you possess, automatically puts you to a high place on the society’s fame pyramid, an asset that may make or break a person. Regardless of the benefits and the drawbacks of physical beauty, being visually appealing is something to be proud of and to be a wish-granted when acquired.

Yes, beauty, contrary to the past’s belief that it can only be of inheritance, is something achievable by today’s medical advancements, particularly in the field of cosmetic surgery. The application of recent technological breakthroughs and discoveries, solely due to the brilliance of a number of medical experts who are dedicated to their respective fields, made it possible to reconstruct, or (with all due respect) construct beauty for those who are “less fortunate”. Doctors, or more specifically cosmetic surgeons, can now offer “miracles” of beautification to those who are financially ready, providing a ladder to climb up the tower of fame. And thus came the dawn of the people worthy of being labeled as the “gods of aesthetics”.

Not so long ago, this alterations made by the duly licensed medical geniuses were deemed negatively by the society, a medical taboo so to speak. Anyone who had undergone such aesthetic improvements was forced to keep the fact to oneself to avoid being despised by the society. But today, with many of the worlds celebrities undergoing modifications to further enhance their “already beautiful” attributes, physical alterations or the practice of plastic surgery have slowly changed the world’s perception of “artificial” beauty. With the increasing number of successful operations and positive effects it brings to the person, cosmetic surgeons and patients alike are slowly earning the society’s respect.

“…entrust one’s body to a highly qualified doctor.”

Not all plastic surgeons can deliver satisfactory results. They can either provide man-made miracle or curse. Certainly not everyone possesses the wisdom and the talent needed for the job. But the decision of whether to entrust one’s body to a highly qualified doctor or to some cheap quack is still, and will always be, in your hand (as the patient).

“The need for a SmartLipo”


Why undergo a liposuction?

The beauty of liposuction – that quick and effective means of removing that unwanted fat from your body, by literally dissolving it and sucking it out of your body. It offers a quick remedy to those “fatso” tummies that needs to be trimmed down but have no time and/or energy to do some workout. But do we really need to resort to such treatments?

I should say, it depends, as there are tons of factors that contribute to the accumulation of fats in certain areas of the human body. In the same manner, there are also factors (often identical), that makes regular workouts difficult to maintain. More often, jobs that demand overtime work leaves the person with very little to no time and/or energy for physical fitness. The “busy-lifestyle” also results to the dependence on fast-food which is deemed unhealthy by nutritionists. Those who have less busy jobs are lucky for they won’t need to resort to medical means of removing the excess fuel from their systems. But to those unlucky ones, you may have to consider consulting a good cosmetic surgeon for liposuction.

Liposuction, medically termed as “lipolysis procedure”, is a minimally invasive procedure that gets rid of unwanted fats with the use of a cannula(tube) inserted underneath the skin where the target fat is. Dr. Jason Helliwell’s liposuction procedure, called SmartLipo, uses a small (about 1 millimeter in diameter) cannula. The procedure is laser-assisted and delivers energy directly to the fat cells to cause rupture and conversion to liquid form, literally melting the fat for easy suction.

Planning to lose that excess fat with SmartLipo?

If you are planning to lose that excess fat with SmartLipo, you should go see Dr. Helliwell. He’s a “safety-first” doctor – carefully assessing the patient’s qualification for the procedure before anything else. Backed by a long list of achievements along with years of experience, he’s one of the best when it comes to SmartLipo procedure. With him performing the procedure, you are certainly in good hands.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation’s Necessities and Precautions

Size matters

“Bigger is better”. It may not apply to all but it certainly does when it comes to a woman’s body, especially her bosom. Having a pair of breasts with considerable (and uniform) size generally makes a woman beautiful. With the fact that not all cultures associate beauty with larger breasts, many (including our culture) do. Fortunately, in this generation, the procedure in cosmetic surgery known as breast augmentation is now available. It offers salvation to women who are “not so blessed” by increasing and correcting their breast size and shape, which in turn increases their confidence with the body that they’re in. They don’t have to bear with the insecurity and just wish a “bigger and better” future for their daughters.

Most men who belong to the breast-loving society regard women with bigger bosoms to be more attractive. Many studies even suggests that men tends to look “chest first” when seeing a woman for the first time. Some scientists even hypothesized that by instinct, men gets attracted to women who looks like she can provide off-springs with lots of milk. And this means bigger mammary glands – bigger breasts. Though bigger breasts don’t guarantee good milk production, it is more likely to be so. It may sound rude, but men get attracted to women with bountiful chests due to such underlying reason.

Breast augmentation does just that, enhancing a woman’s beauty in accordance to a man’s perception. After all, it is the society’s male population that set the standards for what’s beautiful to begin with. And meeting these standards (which happens to include larger breasts) in this society gives women a boost in self-confidence. The procedure is also termed as “breast enhancement”, for it enhances a woman’s state of being a woman. But then again, not all of the world’s cultures share the same standards for what’s beautiful.

“…choose the best doctor for the job.”

Women are considered to be delicate creatures, and it follows that enhancing their beauty is equally delicate. For breast augmentation, it is a must for women to take time to choose the best doctor for the job. He or she must be qualified for the job and is a duly registered cosmetic surgeon, at least. It is much preferred that the doctor who’ll do the procedure must have the knowledge and the right amount of experience to have satisfactory results with minimal side effects, if there’s any. Malpractice on the side of the surgeon deals heavy damage on the patient, both physically and emotionally. And at worst cases, the damages dealt are non-restorable, or even fatal. So before you undergo breast augmentation or other forms cosmetic surgery, make sure that you’re in good hands.

Dr. Jason Helliwell

Recently voted Kern County’s “Favorite Specialty Doctor” for 2012 by the Bakersfield Californian Reader’s Choice poll, Dr. Jason Helliwell specializes in gynecology, obstetric and cosmetic services and procedures. Having grown up in Thousand Oaks, California, Dr. Jason Helliwell graduated from Thousand Oaks High School before attending the University of California, San Diego.

After graduating with a B.S. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Dr. Jason Helliwell remained at UCSD for his medical degree. While at UCSD, Dr. Helliwell specialized in obstetrics and gynecology. Among Dr. Jason Helliwell’s interests are infertility, urogynecology and cosmetic surgery. Within cosmetic surgery, Dr. Helliwell has particular interest in breast enhancement and body contouring.

After spending his first two years of residency at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Dr. Jason Helliwell sought further experience during the remainder of his residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. After obtaining his board certification in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Helliwell realized his dream and started Advanced Women’s Health Center in Bakersfield, CA with the aim of providing superior care and service to his patients.

Now offering a wide range of services and procedures related to women’s health and wellness, Dr. Jason Helliwell and his team specialize in OB/GYN and cosmetic procedures. For a more complete detail of OB/GYN services and procedures, including bioidentical hormone therapy, laparoscopic surgery, urogynecology, infertility treatments, vaginal hysterectomy and more, visit

For a full detail of cosmetic services, including breast augmentation, liposuction with SmartLipo, tummy tucks, Mommy Makeovers, G-spot amplification, laser treatments, vaginal rejuvenation and more, visit